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Moon Phase



Next phase: 14:56 23.08.2019

The waning Moon is most beneficial for matters at a stage of consolidation, conservation and completion. It hampers growth and helps to remove anything not desirable. Cutting hair now will make it grow slower. Plant or replant plants which have fruits under the ground.

Moon Sign



Until 4:36 21.08.2019

An increase of activity, impetuosity, striving, and energetic action. This Moon favours occupations which demand courage, decisiveness, swiftness and initiative, but anything which requires patience, diligence and diplomacy is likely to decline now. It is a good time for athletics, and for solving problems by 'brainstorming'. Dental visits are not recommended on the Aries Moon.

Moon Void-of-Course



At: 4:06 21.08.2019

Last aspect: Trine Venus

It is believed that anything undertaken when the Moon is void-of-course will bring no result. However, this period of time has its positive sides too.

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Sun 25.36.01 Leo
Moon 1.52.17 Aries
Mercury 10.05.17 Leo
Venus 26.51.59 Leo
Mars 0.23.51 Virgo
Jupiter 14.35.11 Sagittarius
Saturn 14.38.22 Capricorn R
Uranus 6.35.47 Taurus R
Neptune 17.54.33 Pisces R
Pluto 21.05.59 Capricorn R
True Node 16.58.20 Cancer R
Chiron 5.15.07 Aries R


Sun 12.59.06 N
Moon 3.49.41 S
Mercury 18.21.01 N
Venus 13.48.53 N
Mars 12.22.43 N
Jupiter 22.10.01 S
Saturn 22.22.49 S
Uranus 13.14.11 N
Neptune 5.44.50 S
Pluto 22.15.02 S
True Node 22.21.31 N
Chiron 5.02.15 N


Neptune Trine True Node
Sun Parallel Venus
Sun Parallel Mars
Sun Parallel Uranus
Venus Parallel Uranus
Mars Parallel Uranus
Jupiter Parallel Saturn
Jupiter Parallel Pluto
Jupiter Contraparallel True Node
Saturn Parallel Pluto
Saturn Contraparallel True Node
Neptune Contraparallel Chiron
Pluto Contraparallel True Node