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Moon Phase



Next phase: 10:21 1.04.2020

An auspicious time for affairs and businesses which are at an expansive stage of development, as well as for new beginnings. A growth phase: stimulate the growth of plants which bear fruit above the earth now, and cut hair to accelerate its growth.

Moon Sign



Until 11:43 31.03.2020

Sociability, cheerfulness and quick-wittedness are on the increase, and there is an interest in all kinds of information. The Moon in Gemini favours study, intellectual pursuits, acquaintances, conferences and gatherings. However, heightened changeability and scattering your interests can prevent you from getting definite, tangible results.

Moon Void-of-Course



At: 15:10 30.03.2020

Last aspect: Square Neptune

It is believed that anything undertaken when the Moon is void-of-course will bring no result. However, this period of time has its positive sides too.

Learn more: Void-of-Course Moon: A Complete Guide


Sun 10.07.09 Aries
Moon 15.57.41 Gemini
Mercury 13.12.60 Pisces
Venus 25.59.20 Taurus
Mars 29.41.10 Capricorn
Jupiter 24.11.28 Capricorn
Saturn 0.34.18 Aquarius
Uranus 5.04.34 Taurus
Neptune 19.12.38 Pisces
Pluto 24.49.19 Capricorn
True Node 2.44.46 Cancer R
Chiron 5.38.35 Aries


Sun 4.00.26 N
Moon 21.14.51 N
Mercury 8.26.52 S
Venus 22.37.20 N
Mars 21.07.56 S
Jupiter 21.19.58 S
Saturn 20.05.01 S
Uranus 12.47.09 N
Neptune 5.12.34 S
Pluto 21.57.02 S
True Node 23.24.29 N
Chiron 4.43.25 N


Mars Conjunction Saturn
Jupiter Conjunction Pluto
Sun Parallel Chiron
Moon Contraparallel Mars
Moon Contraparallel Jupiter
Moon Contraparallel Pluto
Venus Contraparallel Pluto
Venus Parallel True Node
Mars Parallel Jupiter
Mars Parallel Pluto
Jupiter Parallel Pluto
Neptune Contraparallel Chiron


Moon 19:24 5.06.2020
Sun 6:40 21.06.2020
Moon 4:29 5.07.2020
Moon 9:42 30.11.2020
Sun 16:13 14.12.2020









Perigee 7.04.2020
Apogee 20.04.2020
Perigee 6.05.2020
Apogee 18.05.2020
Perigee 3.06.2020


6 11:09 30.03.2020
7 11:43 31.03.2020
8 11:38 1.04.2020
9 10:51 2.04.2020
10 9:20 3.04.2020

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